Cheladee Bianchini - Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Culinary Nutritionist and much more!

     Having grown up in a health conscious home, where vegetables and fruits were a high priority foods over processed and sugar rich foods. Foods were looked at as medicine. I was always interested in the health field but did not have a clear direction for a career choice. I was working for my mothers nutrition center The Healthy Way and at two local Spa's. I began to learn the inner workings of both fields and the power of successful business. I finished my senior year of high school receiving honors in Marketing and continued on to Cabrillo Community College in Aptos, California.

     My real journey began in the summer of 2010, one year after I graduated high school. I was feeling discouraged by my freshman year of collage and was in need of hope and inspiration. I was practicing Yoga at school and was fascinated by its power, I discovered a Yoga teaching school, Mount Madonna Institute right in my home town of Santa Cruz County. The light bulb went off, so I signed up for the month long 200 hr Teacher Training! I was feeling excited and ready for the education to come.

     While at the Institute I spent a lot of my free time walking in the Redwoods, wandering in my own day dreams. I decided I wanted to pursue Skincare and body work. I was then guided by a coworker to look into a very intriguing school located in Maui, Hawaii! Its next training began 2 months after I left Mount Madonna and was a Holistic based training, focusing on a whole body approach to skin health. Wow, it was all unfolding so perfectly!

     I was even more thrilled when the plans were set, I was moving to the sacred islands of Hawaii, how lucky had I gotten. What wonderful passions grew through my experience there, inspiring me about fresh organic facials, crystals, herbs, essential oils, lymphatic drainage, plant based lifestyle.

     My time ended in Maui the beginning of 2011 and I moved home to Santa Cruz with a large educational basket of fresh ideas. I immediately discovered Twin Lakes College from a friend attending, she told me of their Polarity Massage and Reiki courses. At that time I knew little of Reiki or other energetic modalities, but soon discovered it was meant for me!

    Energetic work is based on the belief each living thing, plant, human or animal has a force around and inside its being. Like electricity! This can be called Life Force, Chi, Energy, Prana, since ancient times. It is important for the health of the WHOLE BODY to incorporate energy practices, such as yoga, breathing, meditation, massage, skincare, acupuncture, Reiki and much more.  

     Reiki is an ancient energy form that incorporates the intention of Unconditional Love to help heal any aspects of your life and the willingness of the individual to integrate the messages. It sounds abstract but is quite simple, its all about LOVE!

     I continue my trainings in the Holistic Arts of aromatherapy at The College of Botanical Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, body and energy work with Gitanjali Hemp at Source Healing in Aptos, California.

I then moved to San Francisco for a few years and worked at The Kabuki Spa gaining experience in a fast past spa and city!

I moved back to Santa Cruz, working part time for The Healthy Way as the Office Manager and part time at Oasis Salon Spa as an Esthetician. I also studied Massage at Twin Lakes College.

Finally in November 2015 Cheladee's Holistic Skincare Studio & Body Lounge was born and ready for business. I gathered all my skills and created a unique space for deep relaxing, self care and luxurious treatments.

In recent years I have taken eCornell's course on "Plantbased Nutrition" with Dr. T Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. This has become my lifestyle choice of living and I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone interested in taking their health to the next level! I have also completed a Culinary Nutrition Training, expanding my understand for the true health importance of Organic Real Foods!

My education continues with nutrition training for  weight loss, weight maintenance and overall health. I plan to continue learning for the rest of my life.

Thank you for your interest in Cheladee's Holistic Skincare Studio & Body Lounge, I would love to share my passion for beauty and health with you!